Dash Day is no longer just Jason Day’s son. He’s a celebrity.

Sharon Wong

Jason Day may be killing it on golf courses around the world, but has an NBA star ever bought him cotton candy? We didn’t think so. Dash Day was at yet another game, but this time, without his dad. He and mom Ellie Day were enjoying a nice mother-son outing at the Cleveland Cavaliers pre-season game in the Quicken Loans stadium when J.R. Smith, Cavs guard and golf enthusiast,  approached him. He might have been trying to get Dash’s autograph, but seeing as Dash is three and probably can’t write, Smith decided to just buy him cotton candy instead.

dash day
Source: Golf Digest

Sadly for him, Dash is more of a Lebron James fan. But J.R. Smith got to see his idol in the flesh, which has to make up for some things. Maybe he’ll come back in a decade and finally get that autograph. Chances are, he might be waiting in line the next time that happens, at a junior golf tournament.