WATCH: TSM Bjergsen Presents The Best Game Of Solo Queue In Living Memory

At the dawn of the SK Telecom T1 era of League of Legends live streaming, the western viewer is now exposed to the mechanical prowess and fierce competition of Korean Solo Queue on a daily basis. But after witnessing the talents of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik going toe to toe, tuning in to the stream of Team SoloMid’s Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg provided perhaps the most entertaining Twitch viewing experience of 2017 so far: a grizzly clown fiesta, with NA’s best Mid laner tearing up the rift on his trademark Zed.

There’s a reason that every team from across the globe heads to South Korea ahead of the World Championship for an intensive boot camp. The quality of the KR server is unrivalled, with every western pro (including Bjergsen himself) highlighting the stark contrast between the NA and KR regions:

But for what North America may lack in competitive integrity, it certainly makes up for in entertainment value. 

Loading into a standard game of Solo Queue ahead of his weekend LCS fixtures, little did Bjergsen know that he would be about to play his part in one of the most dramatic games ever witnessed on Twitch. Here’s how the final moments of the game unfolded:

After seemingly throwing the match at baron, Bjerg recalls as his base is being dismantled by four on-rushing enemies. As if quoting from a hybrid eSports/Rambo movie, the TSM star calmly utters:

“I guess this is my moment…”

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Bjergsen’s miraculous 1v4 Zed outplay was just the starting point however. After clearing out the base and allowing time for his team to respawn (and for Lee Sin to compose himself), the full-AD composition charged down the mid lane in an attempt to swiftly end the game. Cue the clown fiesta!

As the Danes’ tens of thousands of live viewers sat in awe of the debacle they were witnessing, in classic solo queue fashion, Bjergsen attempted to backdoor the enemy nexus. What ensued was the icing on the cake for a premium showreel of the NA region.

After a prolonged back and forth across the rift, Bjergsen’s partner in crime Pantheon provided a conclusive game ending ult, allowing for the Team SoloMid man to finally end the nightmarish game:

“Fuck this game… ahhh get me out of this game.”

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg

Whilst it may be far from the ideal NA LCS training ground, the delights of solo queue do at least prepare pros for the mental strain of performing on stage. If Bjergsen takes one positive from this mother of clown fiestas, hopefully it is the confidence to showcase his Zed mechanics on a competitive stage.

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