Do Tiger Woods and Elin have another stab at happiness together?

Sharon Wong

tiger woods

If sources are to be believed, it seems that Tiger Woods might be headed for reconciliation with ex-wife Elin Nordegren. This year, it was revealed that Tiger has been reaching out to newly single Elin, who has suffered through a recent break-up with her boyfriend Chris Cline. It seems that he’s been putting his heart on the line and asking her to give him a second chance, as he reportedly did back in 2013 as well.

Is she receptive to his overtures? It seems that she might at least give it some thought, even if she doesn’t end up saying yes. While their split was as storied and turbulent as any in the public eye, they have¬†weathered the tempest relatively well. After all, they are on more than cordial terms. Elin has remarked that Tiger is great with the kids and that things are “very good” between them. Could romance be brewing between the ex-lovers? Could Elin be the key to Tiger Woods’ game improving? It remains to be seen.