Boom! The World’s Longest Hitters Meet

The Long Drive Championship final is tonight and it will be some high class entertainment.

You could call this event the ‘bench press’ of the golfing world. The old adage ‘drive for show and putt for dough,’ is something we all know to be a painful reality of the sport we love. So when we say, ‘how far can you drive bro?’ behind our pride we take solace in the fact that the biggest boy in the weights room, probably won’t keep up with the pack for four hours of mental golf endurance. But is that going to stop us from indulging in the testosterone fuelled delights of guys hitting a ball 420 yards? no way Jose Maria Olazabal.

The man to watch- Tim Burke

burke 2

Standing at 6ft 5in Burke can generate a club head speed of 156mp, that’s around 25 mph more than any professional golfer. This would explain the 426-yard monster that won him the title in 2013.

“Burke pulverises drives using kinetic linking,” says Espn’s John Brenkus, as he demonstrates in this delightfully pointless analysis of his driving power. ‘Sports scientist’ Brenkus helpfully reminds us that, “the force it takes to drive a golf ball through a coconut is about the same it takes to crush a human skull, sooo…don’t get your head in the way of his drive”. Thanks for that John.

The contest will be held in Thackerville, Oklahoma, with things kicking off on the golf channel at 9.00 pm tonight. It should make for some entertaining viewing if this clip is anything to go by.