American Defends Decision To Help Europe’s Ryder Cup Chances

After reporting on Rich Beem’s decision to help Ian Poulter secure his Ryder Cup place, the American defends his decision to help Europe.


Yesterday we wrote a teasing article which questioned Beem’s decision to offer Poulter his place at the Hong Kong Open. The favour enabled the Englishman to retain his European tour card and remain available for next year’s Ryder cup.

Poulter was up shit creek without a paddle. Participation in Hong Kong was essential for him to play the minimum of 13 events required for Ryder Cup selection. Beem came to the rescue, not only did he provide the paddle and the boat, he single handedly rowed Poulter to safety, pulled him ashore and then made him some soup.


Tedious idioms aside, what Beem did was a provide a massive boost for Europe’s chances next year, as Poulter is statistically the best Ryder Cup player in history. Beem defended his decision, “I looked at it in the simplest terms. There’s a guy who loses his tour membership if I don’t step away. Is it anymore awkward because it’s Ian Poulter? I don’t know and I don’t care. It was the right thing to do.”

What a gentleman! Beem gave us a deserved spanking for questioning the generosity of his decision and we’re off to the naughty step to reflect on calling him out. “I jokingly thought, maybe I should call Capt. (Davis) Love to see what I should do,” added Beem, before repeating that he had no hesitation in helping a fellow golfer.

Pros before bros. hopefully the American can shake the Englishman for a few favours in return.


“Are we talking about dinner every day in 2016?” Beem responded on Twitter.