Why Tiger Woods Will Never Play The Same Again

Tiger announced last month that he would have to undergo another back surgery after doctors found a small disk fragment pinching his nerve. This injury adds to the pile of problems for the 14-time major champ, and will keep him out until the early part of 2016.


Speaking publicly about the injury to ESPN, Tiger didn’t sound too positive:

“I feel good, I’m just stiff; that’s the way it is after surgery. I haven’t been allowed to do much of anything … I’ll start my rehab soon, but it’s a long and tedious process. The last time, it took me a long time to come back. Some of the guys who have had it [microdiscectomy] done said it took them over a year to be pain free. I hope it doesn’t take me that long to be pain free.”

We think this is the end for Tiger. His track record from recovering from injury has been poor…