Tiger Woods becomes the bearer of some very troubling news for his fans

Sharon Wong

tiger woods
Andy Hooper

If you are hoping for Tiger Woods to make a stunning comeback in 2016, it’s not going to happen. Don’t take it from us, take it from the man himself. While talking about his chances at catching up with the new kids on the block, he was not optimistic. His injuries and recent surgery seem to be his primary concern.

“Rehab will be soon, and it will be tedious and long. The last one, it took me a while to get back. Some players on tour have done the same procedure and to be back pain-free it took them over a year.”

Yes, we’re afraid you read that correctly. Tiger Woods could well be out of commission for a year. It’s going to be difficult to come back from a break as long as that, especially with his longstanding goal of getting 18 majors like Jack Nicklaus in mind.

“But to achieve it, I need to be healthy again. This year I tried to play after the back surgery and it wasn’t fun because of all the pain. Also after my last surgery, I was changing my swing and to be able to do that successfully you have to practice a lot, and I could not practice because I was doing the rehab. It was a very complicated situation because of that.”

His back permitting, Tiger will be sure to be competing at the majors, especially at the Masters. But any grand plans will be on hold until he has fully recovered, whenever that happens to be.