Ball Tracker Shows Shot That Won The Longest Drive

Tim Burke wins $150,000 as he is crowned the longest hitter in the world.

The Longest Drive Championship has come to an end and with it our insatiable appetite for this brand of golf porn. There is something undeniably curious about watching these guys leather golf balls into football fields. It feels like unlicensed boxing, outside the parameters of rigid rules and enticingly simple to watch. For a sport where testosterone and aggression are tempered with calculation and patience, the atmosphere at Thackerville wouldn’t have been out of place at the Daytona 500. Here is Tim Burke taking the title. Bam.

Jamie Sadlowski was last year’s winner, losing out to Burke who takes back the title he won two years ago. Twitter was on hilarious form last night with innumerable coaches, brands and people trying to sell you all sorts of BS products. I didn’t realise my inability to part with $20 was costing me 100 yards off the tee, I feel stupid and these two won’t stop laughing at me.

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