The Chinese government has officially declared war on golf

Sharon Wong

Source: Mission Hills

In a bid to clamp down on corruption, the Chinese government is placing a ban on quite a few bourgeois pursuits. Among such vices as “improper sexual relations” and eating to excess, golf is now forbidden to its 88 million Communist party members. Apparently, these officials’ propensity for decadence has caused so much ire in the People’s Republic that President Xi Jinping has spent a large part of his political career purging his administration of corruption.

This week, state-run news agency Xinhua released a two page manifesto in Thursday’s paper listing a list of new rules and regulations and the subsequent penalties for violating them. “Improper sexual relations”, meant to encompass adultery and the keeping of mistresses, will lead to being sacked from one’s position. Xi’s stance against the extravagant eating habits of his officials is part of an austerity drive meant to simplify meals, with the catchphrase “four dishes and one soup”. As for golf, a popular hobby among Communists Party members the government has long been trying to distance its members from the sport, preventing officials in Guangdong province from playing during work hours late last year.

With golf now officially decried as a wasteful indulgence for those who should know better, perhaps there will be more space in China’s golf courses for us proletarians.