Guy Hits Golf Balls With An Iphone On His Driver; Internet Weeps

From a deep corner of the internet comes some guy strapping Iphones to the face of a driver, you know, just to see.

Every now and again we need reminding that within humanity there is a sub-culture of complete no-hopers. Sometimes they are European teenagers who balance on one leg a thousand feet up a radio mast. Other times they are some dude massaging his ego with a game of train chicken.

I’m not suggesting that this guy’s callous disregard for the value of money is the same as a few nutty Russians but you get my point. Inevitably all societies cough up a few people with that potent combination of arrogance and stupidity. Perhaps i’m a cynical square and all of this is ok? I wish I could have just retired from the internet on my own terms, but no, I delved deeply into the matrix and left feeling very troubled.

These comments sum up how you feel…
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