James Bond And Four Badass Golf Moments In Movie History

With the British premier of Spectre taking place today, It’s our duty to remind you of Bond’s golfing career. Here are a few other moments that will make you proud to be a golfer.


This one is for the Bond purists. It’s 1964 and 007 is doing what he does best, agitating Villains and affirming his alpha status. Shot at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire- England, at one of the most expensive golf clubs in the world, this iconic golf scene lasts nearly 10 minutes. It has it all; cheating, a Korean henchman, double entendre, you name it. Here is Bond with some wily matchplay skills.

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What film could I find Halle Berry topless in? Ask any teenage boy that question 10 years ago and you would have the same response. Swordfish is the answer in case you had forgotten. Let us also not forget about Hugh Jackman looking shredded as a chicken salad, no worries ladies. The sexual tension throughout the movie was palpable and what better way to reveal it then with a bit of good’ol fashioned sleazy golf pro swing assistance.

halle Berry golf

Get Smart

This clip will tell you all you need to know about this intellectually awkward spy. Carell’s lack of suaveness offers the perfect contrast to Bond.

Jackass the movie

Ok so not really a movie but I felt this joke escalation couldn’t be excluded. You can’t help but find this hilarious, it’s the perfect example of how the outside world can sometimes view our sport. I wonder if I would be laughing if this happened to me, I’d like to think I could have a sense of humour.

Ok, maybe I would be furious.

That leaves us with two more, so good they deserve mentioning in a separate piece. No it’s not Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack- already established in the pantheon of Golf movie greatness as they should be. Any guesses?