O’Driscoll beating seven shades out of Austin Healey is the greatest Lions story

As if Brian O’Driscoll didn’t need any more reason to be hailed as the greatest living rugby legend, Keith Wood has blown more smoke up the Irishman’s backside by revealing how BOD stood up for Ronan O’Gara following *that* shocking moment in the British and Irish Lions Tour.

Yeah, that horrible incident, where full-back, Duncan McRae, decided to be the nastiest bloke in the sport by nailing an opposition whilst he was on the ground. Low, cowardly, disgusting; the list of superlatives is endless.


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With the incident occurring during a Lions tour, it didn’t seem to work where all your pals around you stick up for one another, and console you either on or off the field. So, who was the villain amongst the pantomime? Of course, it was an Englishman; always seems to be the case in the Lions squad.

Austin Healey, yeah, that muppet who thought it would be a good idea to try and complete the Paso Doble in Strictly Come Dancing; well, he also thought it would be a good idea to poke at O’Gara’s eye following the Irishman getting a hammering from Duncan McRae.

Legend Irish hooker, Keith Wood recalls the moment in the dressing room…

“Austin came in and he was being an unbelievable pain in the arse. I mean beyond all belief. He was touching O’gara’s face and saying ‘c’mom Rog, let’s have a little boxing match.,, c’mon c’mon”. — Austin Healey

With Ronan still being shaken up by the incident, as well as in state of shock/pain; his Irish pal, Brian O’Driscoll came forward and said to Austin, ‘I’ll have a bit of that’.

The pair then took part in a classic fistycuffs, where BOD totally nailed the cocky Englishman, and had to pull out the slugging match in fear of injuring the Englishman for the upcoming match. BOD recalls the moment where he decided to channel his inner Manny Pacquiao

“It was one of those outer-body moments when you suddenly realise that you have a little bit of boxing technique.

“I started landing some shots and he started getting frustrated and started throwing haymakers. I ducked them and I was catching him with little kidney punches.” — Brian O’Driscoll

Brian is a true scholar, and stuff like this is why the centre was the greatest captain around; never leave your pals behind. Plus, he did us all a favour; Austin being known as “The Leicester Lip”says all you need to know about the former winger.


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