Ballsy New ‘Finger Shot’ Makes List Of Golf’s Thug Life Moments

Here are three occasions from completely different corners of golf that deserve thug life status.

3. Drunk Aussie and the Finger tee trick shot.

That sound you hear is a bunch of dudes getting drunk and having an alpha contest, step up slightly inebriated gym rat. By the looks of things his playing partner is hardly in the best condition for you to be confident in his ball striking, but when you’re a few tinnies deep who really cares?

2. Tiger Woods and ‘that shot’ he followed to the hole.

At the 2009 Presidents Cup Tiger played this 260 yard 4-iron into the par-5 18th, a crucial moment that helped the US to victory at TPC Harding Park. It was like he knew he had flushed it in his back swing. His response gives you goosebumps and a quiet hope that we get to see magic like that again.

1. The Golffather.

If you haven’t seen this moment from an exhibition game at Harbor Shores then you’ve had your head in the sand. Jack Nicklaus completely owns Johnny Miller with this mammoth putt, the legend demonstrates braggadocious swagger as he reminds people why he’s won 18 majors.