Alligators, Snakes & Corpses: The Man Who Has Dived For 15 Million Golf Balls

This man makes a living from fishing your bad shots out of hazards. The job does come with some risks.

For some of us, the greatest occupational hazard we face is accidentally pouring a coffee over ourselves.

Meet Glenn Berger, the man who makes a living from fishing nearly 2 million golf balls out of water hazards.

The 6′ 8″ diver talks with hesitation about his encounters with gators and you can’t blame him. In the interview with the mirror he describes how he has “seen alligators, venomous cottonmouth snakes, snapping turtles and even crocodiles. It can get tense sometimes.”

He’s collected 15 million golf balls, not to mention to the two very sizeable ones he keeps between his liegs. He describes one golden rule if you come across a car, don’t put your hand inside,“My friend did once and he touched a body,” he told Today’s Golfer.