NHL Legend Is The Real Life Happy Gilmore

Teemu Selanne has been out on the golf course and his antics remind of us of another certain ex-hockey legend.

The 11th highest goal scorer in NHL history had a message for his old team as the hockey season got underway and revealed a skill set that hasn’t left him. Retiring at the age of 43 Teemu, also voted Finland’s sexiest man, had scored 684 goals and retired last year as an Anaheim Ducks legend.

Let’s go DUCKS!!!! You can do it!!!????????

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Judging from the Finnish Flash’s Instagram page he has been living it up on the golf course and the popular former player was known to have quipped about coming out of retirement because his golf game was so bad.

Here’s the Fin smashing a beer after losing a game, it’s difficult to say what exactly he has in common with our beloved Happy, it certainly isn’t hockey and it probably isn’t golf. 

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