The worst possible thing that could happen on a golf course happened

Spare a thought for these guys who had the most traumatic experience imaginable whilst playing golf.

Picture this, it’s the weekend and you and a mate are out golfing with a buggy because sometimes that’s the only way you want to play 18. Fast forward to the 9th green and after finishing up you head back to your trusty steed, but wait, where the hell is it?


Golf digest have reported on the case of two men who found themselves in this position as they played Hansen Dam Golf Course in Pacoima, California, a Los Angeles City course. I would like to say that they had forgotten to put the handbrake on and said buggy was rolling towards a lake, believe me that would have been a luxury for these two.

According to the reddit post, confirmed in part by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Crime Mapping website, two incidents occurred at Hansen Dam that day. One was grand theft and the other a stolen vehicle.

hansen dam

“I parked the cart on the path near the 9th hole (which happens to be next to the parking lot and driveway) to putt and when I got back it was gone. The green is next to the cart path but none of us noticed it being driven off. The bastards got away.”

Harrowing stuff, now consider what we all keep in our golf carts- Keys, wallets, phones and clubs, the list is heartbreaking to read.

“I had to quickly shut down my credit cards, re-do the locks on the house and office (they had my business cards) as well as re-code the key fobs for 2 cars ($1000!). The scary part was that they came to our house on Sunday night and went into one of the cars that we could not get the key code changed right away.”

Fortunately he had blocked the car in his driveway but as this unlucky golfer goes on to say, “this will cost at least $3K not including the time spent dealing with the bullshit.” We hope his insurance can saddle the cost, not to mention the golf club who you would think is partly responsible for the security of their players.