Jordan Spieth Says No To Drugs

The world number two gave a talk to a middle school and he had a simple message.

Jordan Spieth was a surprise visitor at Willow Springs Middle School in Allen, Texas, on Wednesday. His trainer, Damon Goddard, was giving a talk at the school where his wife works when Spieth came in and echoed his message.

“It’s all about relationships, it’s all about who you’re around. Then, when you’re put in a different situation than you want to be in, can you sit there and say, ‘this is not going to do anything good for me, this is not going to allow me to accomplish my dreams?’ And I was able to do that. I stayed clean. I stayed focused.”

It’s very difficult not to have a huge amount of respect for Jordan. The old mantra that the more wholesome and honest you appear the more sordid and seedy you actually are probably doesn’t apply to the 22-year old. Check out the whole video and see how disciplined the mindset of a top player has to be.