Ouch! 5 Spectators Who Got Pinned By A Golf Ball

Fun police: don’t worry none of the people featured in this article were seriously injured. 

5. Rory McIlroy at the 2014 TOUR championship by Coca Cola. Rory’s drive somehow managed to land in the pocket of an onlooker. He grabbed the official and got a decent drop before following through with the old fashioned ‘have one of my gloves as a thank you’.

4. Tiger Woods at the 2010 memorial tournament. Tiger has probably pinned more people with a golf ball than anyone else. His massive following means that he has a handy lifesaver when his shot is wayward. Unfortunately for this guy he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and Tiger hands over the 100th apology glove of his career.

3. Sergio Garcia at the 2014 Bridgestone invitational. The Spaniard managed to hit the diamond out of a spectator’s engagement ring and a desperate search ensued. Fortunately the ring was found and those people who have ever doubted Sergio’s character were made to feel foolish as the Spaniard offered to pay for a replacement. Sorry Serge!

2. Keegan Bradley at the 2013 President’s Cup. This was probably the most painful contact on the list because this spectator’s head provided the landing for a 310-yard drive. 
1. Anthony Kim at the 2009 AT&T National. This guy’s reaction is priceless! He gets zero sympathy from bystanders who desperately scramble to get a position for the next shot.