New Book Tells You A lot About The Man’s Ego

Latest book by Tiger’s former caddie shows a man motivated by financial gain and it’s not the former number one.

There is little chance you haven’t heard about Steve Williams’ latest book, an autobiography that will revisit one of the most reported sexual scandals to ever grace the sporting world. The book is unoriginally titled “Out of the Rough” and was written with the help of journalist Michael Donaldson. The New Zealander compares his treatment to that of a slave and is vocal on his moral disagreement with the affairs of his former boss, arguing that he had no involvement as a ‘facilitator’.

steve williams

How much notice should we take of Tiger’s former caddie? It must be clear to anyone that Steve Williams is determined to shake every possible dollar out of his former boss. The relationship between a player and bagman should be like an attorney and their client- private, professional and loyal. Williams could have easily continued to ply his trade and exclude himself from the past, but he can’t help but pedal old news. It’s a wonder he can carry anything without a backbone.

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Williams is tired of being associated with Tiger’s infidelity,“We had such a strong bond and working relationship that there was no way he could let me in on what was happening – he knew my values and that I would have zero tolerance for that kind of behaviour.” 

Call me a cynic but are we expected to believe Williams was unaware of Tiger’s sexual escapades  for 13 years? Consider that most people don’t make it through adolescence without a parent awkwardly walking in on ‘something’, it seems hard to accept that Williams was totally clueless.  It sounds more like the actions of a man concerned with his own reputation and the size of his bank balance. He moans about his situation, people were accusing me of being an enabler, an accomplice, saying I was lying when I stated clearly that I knew nothing about this. For months on end, my life was absolutely miserable.

Boo hoo. I feel people will struggle to have sympathy for Williams, the man with a net worth said to be around $20 million. He now caddies for Adam Scott and if you consider where Tiger’s career has gone since 2011, Williams has actually benefitted immensely from the situation.

This interview is confirmation of the BS egotistical  character that Williams possesses. “That’s 145 wins now and it’s the best win I’ve ever had,”  the self-centred smugness of the man makes your skin crawl. Don’t get me wrong caddies are important to a golfer’s success, however, to use your player’s victory as a platform for grandstanding is detestable.

Our fascination with Tiger’s sex life will mean that Williams will always get the media attention he doesn’t deserve. You don’t wash your dirty laundry in public and whilst Tiger’s treatment of Williams was probably disrespectful, a quiet and professional caddie would make no comment, let alone publish a book.