Owner Of The World’s Worst Golf Swing Is Back And Actually Good

Charles Barkley has been working on the swing that many believe is the worst in golf.

If you haven’t seen the retired basketball player’s swing before then you need to check it out.

The 52-year-old’s swing looks more like someone trying to split a log in two and the fact he can hit a golf ball is nothing short of miraculous. People use phrases like ‘discombobulated jumble of body parts,’ to describe the former baller’s swing. He has tried everything; hypnosis, Hank Haney and even one handed golf to fix his curse but it would appear a mental block is what’s stopping him from improving

This video shows Berkley on the course this summer and it fills the amateur golfer with hope. He absolutely dials a drive and shows us all that no matter how bad your swing is you can make something work.