TSM Reginald And MonteCristo Unite As Riot Games Disrespects LCS Team Owners

Another week, another controversial shitstorm… another half hour MonteCristo vlog imminent to cast light on the dark secrets of Riot Games’ LCS system. It’s been a turbulent 24 hours in the world of professional League of Legends, with slanderous remarks and startling accusations flying left, right and centre amongst some of the scene’s most influential stakeholders as Team SoloMid owner, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, Riot Games co-founder, Marc Merrill and League of Legends’ antichrist, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles exchanged blows.

If the bridge between Riot Games and team owners wasn’t already smouldering, the latest online fracas has taken a good look at the delicate structure forged between the two parties and napalmed it. Any hope of MonteCristo ever commentating a Riot event again are now clearly delusions and any relationship League of Legends veteran Regi had built up with the Riot establishment have been permanently tarnished. Where do we even start?

Well the beginning, obviously.

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Truthfully, this isn’t the very start of the controversy. The debate surrounding “franchising” in the LCS (even though they definitely don’t mean franchising, but that’s what everyone is calling it), has been rumbling on for a fair few weeks now. But in an interview conducted by thescoreesports.com, TSM owner Andy Dinh was pitched a series of questions by former pro William “Scarra” Li in which the taboo topic was inevitably raised once again.

To suggest that Regi was less than impressed with Riot’s policy for releasing game patches and their support infrastructure for LCS teams would be an understatement. In curt response, Riot Games’ co-founder, Marc “Tryndamere” Merill, shed some serious shade on TSM’s enigmatic owner. He later edited his comment, for soon-to-be obvious reasons, but to deny his original opening gambit the light of day would be criminal:

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Source: Twitter

“Love me some Regi, but if he’s so concerned about the financial health of his players, maybe he should spend some more of the millions he has made / makes from League of Legends on paying them instead of investing in other eSports where he’s losing money?”

Marc Merill, Riot Games Co-founder


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As MonteCristo lay awake, staring at the photo of Chris Badawi by his bedside, wondering why he’d ever allowed himself to be corrupted by the dark side, he suddenly felt a cold chill – a disturbance. Somewhere online an eSports injustice was festering, awaiting his divine input to put the record straight. Cue the twitter rampage.

To clarify “VC” refers to Venture Capitalists, Rick Fox, Shaq and the likes. Any respect Monte ever had for Merill seems to have long since dissipated…

A gentle referrence to the previous grievance between the two, an episode in which MonteCristo refused to commentate for a Riot event due to the sub-standard pay he was offered to freelance for the event.

Despite the negative connotations attached to being a keyboard warrior, MonteCristo actually speaks a great deal of sense. If you can sit through a half hour monologue on the issue at hand, Monte’s youtube channel will be able to quench your thirst for insight, all be it drenched in narcissism.

The backlash from this quarrel is set to snowball down the mountainside as Regi prepares his response – it’s going to be so weighty, he’s even set a release time. For now we wait:

Grab the popcorn, it’s gonna get good.

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