7 Songs That Sum Up The 2015 PGA Season

Nowadays there is a playlist for everything. You have your shower playlist, your workout playlist and even your Netflix and chill playlist. Why not add a playlist to remind you of your favorite golfers?!

In no specific order, here is a list of some top golfers this year.. and Tiger.

1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

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This song is a classic, just like Tiger Woods. Put on your boxing gloves and jam out to the thought of Tiger Woods amazing career.


2. Heart of a Champion – Nelly


Rickie Fowler is a man of the people. His heart is always in the right place and with his new swing and newfound wins, he’s becoming the champion we knew he would be.


3. Shake me like a Monkey – Dave Matthews Band


Who didn’t want to shake Rory when they found out he hurt himself fooling around with friends. Is it so hard to stay healthy and play some quality golf? I didn’t think so.


4. Happy – Pharrell

Sam Greenwood/Ghetty Images
Sam Greenwood/Ghetty Images

Jason Day should be very happy with the way he played towards the end of the season! He made a lot of Jordan Spieth fans sweat when it came down to who would win the Fedex Cup. Even though he didn’t get the cup, I’m sure he was humming this song after every win!


5. You’ll be in my Heart – Phil Collins

Chris Carlson/AP Photo
Chris Carlson/AP Photo

The favorite this year was Jordan Spieth. Although Jason Day was coming in hot with those later W’s, Jordan will forever be in our hearts as the top contender and winner of the Fedex Cup! I mean just look at that face.


6. I Wanna be like Kanye – The Chainsmokers

AP Photo
AP Photo

Tantrums and pedestals are not only for celebrity rappers like Kanye West. They can also be for egotistical golfers who want nothing more then some cash in their pockets. The theme song for Bubba Watson, ladies and gentleman.


7. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Henrik Stenson

As the oldest guy in contention, you have to give Henrik Stenson some credit and a song from the 80s! He’s still got it and still believing in himself, so we should too!

Now excuse me as I cry to more Phil Collins songs.