How Jordan Spieth’s mom prevented him from becoming a douchebag

Sharon Wong
Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports

Many times, it is said that successful people would never be where they are without their mothers. Jordan Spieth isn’t an exception. We’re always going on about how down-to-earth and genuinely decent he is despite his genius on the course. Well, we have his mother to thank for that. Quite aside from giving him the opportunity to hone his skills on the course and teaching him to mind his P’s & Q’s, she made damn sure he knew the world didn’t revolve around him.

“I think the reason that Jordan stays so grounded is that when he’s home, he’s never been the ‘phenomenal Jordan,'” Christine Spieth told Purpose2Play, “He’s Steven and Ellie’s brother, our son. It has never been all about Jordan. You’re not going to find a lot of golf trophies in our house. We do have his John Deere trophy here because he doesn’t want to fill his house for golf trophies. That’s the way he goes to get away from golf, to just be a regular person.”

Had more golfer’s mothers taken the same approach to childrearing, we’d probably be talking a lot less about Jordan Spieth than we are today.