One Direction Star Is Back Golfing

Niall Horan seems to have a real soft spot for golf.

With 12 million followers on Instagram and 23 million on Twitter, the Irishman is a social media colossus. When you have a star with more social activity than the world’s top 20 golfers COMBINED- you should take some notice. I for one will probably never write¬†messages of adoration on Niall’s page, however, I will stop and appreciate that one of the most influential personalities for under-18s loves golf. If Mr Horan can convince just a few of his massive following to take up the game then he will see me screaming his name at the next 1D gig.

It’s safe to say Niall’s passion for the game slightly outweighs his ability, but when you list people like Rory McIlroy amongst your friends you’re definitely going to improve. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have a repeat of this blunder..