5 Things You Need In Your Golf Bag

There are so many things in this world that you never knew you needed.

I’m here to show you 5 items you need in your golf bag that could improve your golf game or just your game.


1. First Things First: The Putter Drink Caddy

Sharper Image
Sharper Image

This item is a double whammy, as Champ would say. If you need some loosening up on the course while playing with the guys, have a nice cool beverage from your putter caddy. If you’re on a golf date and need some improvement in your game, not your swing, take a swig from your putter caddy. Either way, you’ll be happy to have this buddy in your bag.


2. Range Finder


Best case scenario, you’re in the fairway and for some reason there are no yardage markers on the course, you just whip out your range finder and you’re all set to use your 7 iron to make it on the green in two. Worst case scenario, you’re in wild and crazy tall rough on the far left of the hole and you need to know the distance to lay up or the distance to go for the goal (there’s no shame in laying up people). Judgment and club choice is a huge part of golf. Although on the more expensive side, a range finder is a definite need.


3. Cool Head Covers


Not everyone can have themselves as their head cover, but I think we all would if we could. Adding fun head covers to your bag sets you apart and makes you and your golf game unique! Whether it’s the head of Yoda or your alma mater’s colors, personalizing your bag will make you a little cooler after that flub shot.


4. Golf Ball Bottle Opener


Why have an ordinary bottle opener, when you can have one that looks like a golf ball! Just don’t mistake it for a real one, because then you’ll need 3 more beers and have nothing to open them with.


5. Golf Ball Retriever


To get that ProV1 you thought would improve your game, out of the water hazard. While this gadget may not improve your golf game, you may find another ball in there that will.

Need. Need. Need.