Golf’s “It” Couple Split-Up

Phil Mickelson flew to Las Vegas last week to tell Butch Harmon it wasn’t working anymore.

butch and phil

After 8 years, 12 wins and 2 majors, Golf’s ‘it’ couple are calling it a day. “He flew up on his plane last week to sit down and talk,” Butch told Golf Digest. “It’s not something you do over the phone. He’s been good to me long before we ever started working together. That stuff is never easy, but it’s what he deserves,” said Phil.

A sign of mutual respect and Harmon appreciated the gesture, “He did it in a classy way,”  said the world’s number one coach. “He needs to hear things differently that maybe get him rejuvenated and get him back to what we all know he can be.”

It was all very “amicable” as Butch put it. Credit to Phil for making the trip- that’s more than you can say for a certain…ahem…world number three. To be a fly on the wall of that conversation…

“The way your face dimples after crushing a drive,” said Butch (probably), “the way those eyes light up when you make an eagle,” the world’s best coach snivelled (perhaps). 8 years of unity can do that to a man. Butch must have felt so vulnerable after the Tiger split, and then Phil appeared, his knight in shining armour.

What’s in store for Butch now? Is it worth even calling a Tiger reunion speculative? Surely that ship has sailed.

Tiger and butch

“Tiger probably wouldn’t ask,” Harmon said earlier this year. “At my age, 71, I’m kind of on the end of my run anyway. If he wanted, I’d be more than happy to spend a couple hours and give him my opinion. I don’t think he would ask because it goes against his pride.” Could the two behemoths reunite for one last ride into the sunset? Only time will tell.