Adam Scott Finally Speaks Up About His ‘Slave’ Steve Williams

Steve Williams’ employer gives his reaction to the book everyone is talking about.


The golf world was enraged by the release of Steve Williams’ quite frankly pathetic BS book about his time as Tigers’ caddie. In the book Williams compares his experience to servitudeI felt uneasy about bending down to pick up his discarded club – it was like I was his slave.” 

Boo frickin hoo!

I don’t think anyone has had such a lack of sympathy for a statement since Michael Vick said: ‘I miss dogs man”. Journalist Jonathan Liew sums up the general sentiment perfectly.

“Welcome to The History of Slavery with Steve Williams, in which white men are brutally invited to carry the golf bags of black men, savagely consulted over club selection and putt lines, sadistically given a share of the winnings, cruelly allowed to leave whenever they want.”

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Feel sorry for Adam Scott, here is a golfer who is struggling to adapt to the new law on putter lengths. He then has to come off the course after carding a 75 in Shanghai and answer questions about a part-time caddie who should quite frankly pipe the f*** down.

“I haven’t been lucky enough to get a copy. Must be in the mail still,” said a diplomatic Scott. When probed about there being a possible sequel, “I’m going to be on my best behavior so there isn’t one,” joked the Australian.

Scott employs Williams on a part-time contract that has him carry for the Aussie ten times per year. Scott insisted the book won’t be a distraction and if you look at his major victory with the vilified New Zealander on his bag you have to say he’s probably right.