Phil Mickelson Got His Ex Back And You Can Too

Do you still pine over your first girlfriend or boyfriend?

Are you missing “the one” that got away?

Even though dwelling on the past can be detrimental to your health, sometimes you can’t get that one person off of your mind. Whether it’s been a couple of weeks or a couple of years, we will go through the ways to get back in good graces with your ex.

Who better to highlight this situation with us, than Mr. Lefty himself. Breaking up is hard to do but when you have an ex like Andrew Getson, one of Phil’s first coaches after leaving Arizona State, it’s easy to get back in the swing of things. Lets get things started:

Never Lose Touch

Chuck Crow / The Plain Dealer
Chuck Crow / The Plain Dealer

If you can’t let go of someone then you shouldn’t delete their number from your contacts. That is a huge thing among people who can’t handle a breakup. People delete their messages, remove their number, burn their pictures, have a small seance to send demons upon them.. at least that’s usually how breakups goes, no? If you didn’t have a bad breakup then you probably still have this persons number in your phone and you can scratch the demons part. If you did have a bad breakup.. don’t even try.

The Text


Since you’re the one making moves towards getting back in touch, you have to send that first initial text. Make it casual and yet something they have to respond to. Questions are good. “Hey it’s been a while but I was wondering how you were doing?” Compliments always work too. “Hey I saw you went to Mexico on Spring Break, you look great!” Don’t text with things that bring up old memories or put you in a negative light. “I saw that Fluffy died, I hope you’re ok.” Fluffy’s death and your libido do not mix!!

Break Off Any Current Fling


Although an 8 year relationship may not be a fling, Phil sure knows how to break up with someone. Phil flew all the way out to Butch to tell him in person that he didn’t want him as his swing coach anymore. Take notes people!! Don’t be a coward and text someone to break it off. That is so impersonal and quite frankly makes you a jerk. The person you are trying to get back with will not want a crazy ex sending you death threats (refer back to conjuring demons).

Making Moves


At this point you should be talking to the one that got away pretty frequently. Not in a creepy “text every ten minutes” way but in a “I miss you and I love being able to talk again” type of way. Make moves to see them in person. If you are feeling this way, then they may be as well, especially if they are texting you back. Hug it out, make out, and huzzah! You’ve made it back in good graces with your ex.

This is a best case scenario type of deal, so it may not always work out so well. Honestly more than half the time an ex would rather talk to a wall than talk to you. But hey, it’s worth a try!


I don’t think Andrew Getson has any hard feelings towards Phil, and with Butch out of the way, their relationship can thrive again! We shall see how this season goes and hopefully we can only expect positive things!