How Shane Lowry became popular by getting rid of a club

Sharon Wong

Shane Lowry was kind of having a bad day on the greens. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or there just weren’t enough trees. Who knows? What is certain is that he was one of only 13 players at the HSBC World Champions in Shanghai to shoot over par today. Not the best showing? A bit of an understatement, we’re afraid.

Wisely, he didn’t choose to salvage his flagging game and instead decided to do away with his treacherous club, in the best possible way. Instead of launching it into a convenient water hazard, he saw a golden opportunity in an adoring fan nearby.┬áThe European Tour’s Twitter account tweeted the tail end of what must have been a heartwarming encounter between golfer and groupie.

He is the second Irish player to display unexpected generosity towards a fan this week, after Rory McIlroy caused our jaws to collectively drop by giving away a driver on Facebook. If we were Irish, we might be tempted to share all that luck too.