Even You Could Break A Golf Record This Easily

Michael Furrh just broke the record for the longest drive with the longest club.

The man from Dallas recently hit a golf ball 64 metres with a 6.85 metre long custom made club. The record took place at Rolling Hills Country Club and it’s pure comedy. “If I hit the ball five feet that’s considered a world record, but my goals are a lot higher than that” said the intensely focused Mr Furrh.

Furrh could have conned Evel Knievel as he fired up the forcibly assembled crowd of confused strangers. What follows is a bizarre exhibition of mediocrity, after three futile attempts Furrh finally connects to complete the most underwhelming record since Britney Gallivan folded a piece of paper 12 times.

Furhh, as any true champion would, soaks up the rapturous applause of his parents, his cousin, her boyfriend’s hairdresser and some guy he bumped into at Taco Bell.

So to anyone sitting in their underpants wondering why they were put on this planet, grab yourself some club shafts, construct a comedy length driver and challenge the undefeated Michael Furhh.