RIP George Barris, Creator Of The Coolest Golf Cart

We’ve been seeing some pretty cool golf carts as of recent, including Bubba Watson’s hover craft and the recreation of the DeLorean. Although none can compare to the creations of George Barris, the custom car maker, who died Thursday at 89 years old.

Photo by Jennifer Graylock
Photo by Jennifer Graylock

Barris is credited with creating the “Batmobile” from the 1960s TV series, as well as the coffin inspired car used in the show, The Munsters. The coolest car he made though was the Bob Hope golf cart, that was made in the image of Bob Hope himself! It was and is truly one of a kind, with its prominent nose, chin and hat, along with having all of the amenities a pro golfer might want. The cart included a TV, a tape deck, and a rear-mounted camera, so that Hope could film his swing.


Barris was way ahead of the times and created something so unique that no other design could compare. In 1971, the cart was estimated to cost about $14,000, so one can assume it is probably worth a lot more now! The cart has been since auctioned off to the Hope estate, but will forever be a part of golf history. Thank you George for your awesome contribution to golf!