Tom Brady predicted Super Bowl win with a clinical jab at Roger Goodell

The Super Bowl ended in spectacular fashion Sunday, with Tom Brady rallying the Patriots to come back from a 19 point deficit in the 4th quarter.

This was the the first Super Bowl Overtime ever, and resulted in the Patriots winning 34-28. But the best part was watching NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hand over a trophy to the team (and player) he made sure was suspended before the season began. As always, Tom got the last laugh.

No one predicted the Super Bowl to end the way that it did. No one except for Tom Brady of course. Before Super Bowl LI was underway, Tom apparently filmed an insurance commercial predicting his victory and even taking a jab at Roger Goodell. In the commercial (which is for New England-based Shields Healthcare Group), Brady hands over four Super Bowl rings to the Shield employee, then forgets to give her his fifth ring. They then had the following exchange:

“We need to get you a bigger locker,” the employee says.
“Roger that,” Brady responds.


With another Super Bowl hanging in the balance, you’d think filming a commercial like this would be all the foreplay you needed for an enormous jinx. But when you’re half-mortal, half demi-God like Brady is, you know nothing else but this:



After the Patriots celebration, Roger Goodell had to give the MVP Trophy to Brady and pose for an awkward photo:


Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Roger handed over the MVP award. Suspension or not, Brady proves time and time again that he’s the best at what he does. If anything, his “deflategate” suspension was the fuel Tom needed to fulfil the ultimate revenge tour and get his 5th ring.

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