Paulina Gretzky Cheers Up DJ After The Unluckiest Shot Of The Year

If Dustin gets this sort of reaction when he loses imagine what happens when he wins!

Picture this, you hit a shot that never leaves the pin only to find it ricochets off the flagship straight into the hazard. Imagine this, your part-time model fiancée, seeing your distress at the unluckiest break of the year, takes to instagram to put a smile back on your face. The post was made moments after DJ’s unfortunate shot and it makes you wonder if the American took a sneaky look at the post before the round was finished.

love you @djohnsonpga Dirty Diana ????   A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

DJ had one of those days where nothing seemed to go his way. Lucky for DJ he doesn’t have to leave a tournament with a victory to win.

Paulina Gretzky’s journey to the stupidest photoshoot in golfing history