The 4 Most Dangerous Golf Courses On Earth

Have a father-in-law who you hate? You should offer to meet him on one of these golf courses and never show up. He’ll have a great time playing Kabul Golf Club by himself.

4. Lost City Golf Course- Sun City, South Africa

sun city

Located in the north-west region of South Africa, Lost City was built by Gary Player and features a very intimidating collection of predators on the 13th hole. A large number of Nile crocodiles, a species known for their aggression and hostility towards humans, circle the tee box and can pose a real threat throughout the hole. These animals aren’t just there for show. Jacques van der Sandt was tragically killed when he attempted to retrieve golf balls at the nearby Skukuza Golf Club.

3. Prison View Golf Course- Angola, Louisiana 


Situated within the Louisiana State Penitentiary compound, this entire golf club is a hazard. If you thought your club had some strict guidelines wait till you hear the requirements for playing at this fortress. According to their website you will undergo a full background check before being subjected to random searches. To make things more intimidating they inform you that there is chance your round could be suspended “due to institutional need, or at the warden’s discretion.” You can forget a post round beer, that’s not allowed; neither are guns, knives, drugs and any other such contraband you always take to the golf course.

prison 2

“More than 75 percent of the 5,400 prisoners at Angola, are serving life sentences or are on death row,” writes Josh Begley for Tomorrow Magazine. That leaves roughly 20% of the prison population eligible for a job working on the course. Gulp!

2. Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 16.09.27

The clubhouse describes itself as the “best and only course in Afghanistan,” a forgivable statement as you can imagine PR for that place is a nightmare. Punters can expect “golf with an attitude,” a phrase we throw around lightly, but in this context has a very literal claim as you pay $15 to tee up on a former battlefield.

A tour company has started offering package visits for the more adventurous golfer. According to the Daily Mail, Cavalry and company, a Miami based tour operator, will arrange the trip for the paltry fee of just $80,000. “Visitors have to be flown to Afghanistan in a private jet from Dubai before being taken in an Mi8 helicopter to the course.”

Afghanistan Kabul Golf Club

If safety is your number one concern, which quite frankly it won’t be if you’re willing to go there in the first place, fear not. “The golfers have bodyguards and on standby there’s a decommissioned Soviet chopper ready to fly them out at the first sign of trouble.” Arh phew! Nothing quite engenders confidence like a soviet-era rust bucket.

1. Camp Bonifas, South Korea


It would be hard to describe this as a golf course. With just one hole Camp Bonifas is without question the most dangerous golf destination on the planet. The hole is 195 yards and if you do venture off the fairway expect to see hundreds of landmines lining the perimeter. The famous adage that golf is a good walk spoilt could not be more true at Bonifas.

s korea golf course

The camp was named in honor of Capt. Arthur Bonifas who was killed in 1976 over a dispute with North Korean soldiers. The course provides some entertainment for the troops who find themselves at this solitary post, “It’s like a Zen garden where we hit little white balls,” says the philosophical Army Sgt. Mikel Thurman. Although apparently across the border Supreme leader Kim Jung-un routinely gets at least five holes-in-one per round- Seems legit.

There you have it, golf has a presence in one of the most damned corners of the earth. It’s worth bearing that in mind when we blame a scarified green for our lousy putting.