Is disgraced Chelsea the Tiger Woods of the soccer world?

Sharon Wong

tiger woods
Source: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

As it turns out, there’s a Tiger Woods in every sport. You know that player who comes on to the scene being nigh well unbeatable, but then inexplicably loses his luster as the years go by? According to Ruud Gullit, Tiger’s equivalent in the realm of soccer is Chelsea. After its seventh defeat in 12 Premier League games, the former Chelsea manager publicly expressed his waning hopes for the once invincible team.

“Chelsea are like Tiger Woods. In the beginning everybody who was competing with Tiger Woods already knew that they had lost the game. Now people see him and Chelsea and think, ‘We can beat them’. They lost that aura of invincibility. They lost it. You can feel it. You can sense it. The players also sense it that the opposition is not afraid of you anymore. You only get it back by getting results.”

Ouch. Gullit’s summation of Tiger’s predicament certainly says it all for us. And as for his former team, we can’t imagine they’re feeling too flattered.