Watch: Guy Attempts To Catch A Golf Ball In His Mouth

This guy agrees to open his mouth and attempt to catch a trick shot.

Beers, lads and testosterone must account for 90% of these videos. There has been a recent spate of golfers hitting balls off each other but these guys just upped the ante. Before any keyboard warriors call out the golf ball for not being real- have you ever played with a 30% distance rubberised ball? They’re pretty darn hard and it’s understandable that he covers his eyes.

Take one guy who will do anything to fit in, a pinch of masculine pride and a Bubba Watson doppelganger. A combination of these elements will make something very special indeed. Can you imagine the face on a potential employer of this guy! He’s been to three interviews and is down to the last two, in walks a member of staff with the final due diligence within which is a youtube clip. I’d like to say that managers love to see this kind of trickery in the office but sadly that’s not the world we live in.

Who cares. Are you not entertained?

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