Hai’s NA LCS Reincarnation Has Earned Him Some Secret Admirers

Daniel Byrne

Hai “Hai” Du Lam is the epitome of ruthless shot calling. With FlyQuest eSports predicted to languish towards the foot of the NA LCS standings, the former Cloud9 man has whipped his teammates into a formidable fighting force. In addition to some impressive personal performances, Hai has been the primary driving force behind FlyQuest’s strategy and in-game co-ordination, earning him a number of amorous admirers within the North American scene.

Hai is curiously considered to be a veteran of the scene, despite being only 24 years of age. With an expansive eSports resume of professional experience, the adaptable Mid laner, Jungler and Support player would be an asset to almost any NA LCS team. Given his abilities to act as a hive mind for his teammates, which North American rosters would benefit most from Hai’s ability to conduct proceedings?

In the most anticipated match up of the NA LCS Spring Split so far, FlyQuest eSports ultimately fell short of the mark against their “parent” team Cloud9. A 2-1 defeat was only the team’s second loss of the season, with the newly promoted squad sitting pretty with an impressive 6-2 record.

FlyQuest’s surge towards the summit has surprised both fans and analysts alike, the majority of whom predicted the side to be fighting amongst the relegation spots as spring moved into summer. This oversight is certainly understandable, given that on paper, FLY’s roster looked to be lacking in individual talent.

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Naturally, Hai has catalysed the squad, proving once more that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But if he can achieve 2nd place with the FlyQuest roster, what could he achieve with a bigger organisation, more in need of his services?

Team Liquid

Immediately, Team Liquid are arguably the team most in need of Hai’s unifying talents. Since their inception, TL has been missing the cutting edge that would see them rise to the very top of the standings.

Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer and Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin are currently under scrutiny, failing to perform at the level of their expectations. Whilst Hai has previously played the Jungle role during his Cloud9 days, his comfort is certainly in the mid lane. With Goldenglue struggling to hold his own in the NA LCS and Team Liquid playing devoid of any convincing strategy, there is certainly a spot for Hai to improve the squad.

With only 2 wins in the last eight games, Team Liquid fans must already be looking for alternatives.

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Another feasible option for Hai would be to become the face of the blossoming Immortals brand. Last seasons surprise package, Immortals have struggled to find their rhythm at the start of 2017, following a near complete overhaul of their previous roster.

For this scenario to work out it would be potentially be Eugene “Pobelter” Park or Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung placed under the magnifying glass. Pobelter’s form in the Spring Split has certainly been a cause for concern, at one point unable to even boast being a top 10 Mid laner in the NA LCS. The native Mid laner was taken apart by the FlyQuest man during the two team’s recent fixture.

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Hai’s brief period as an LCS support served to revitalise Cloud9’s season after the team were struggling to embed Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo into the squad. Immortals are currently suffering through a similar issue, with the import Olleh currently struggling to synergise with Cody Sun. Whilst it seems unlikely that Hai would ever return to the support role, there is potential to incorporate the FlyQuest man into the bot lane position.

Currently redefining what it takes to be a top Mid laner alongside long term teammates from Cloud9’s original squad, Hai will be well aware that the grass isn’t always greener – realistically there is little incentive for him to leave the thriving FlyQuest squad. However, if the day arrives that Hai feels the need for a breath of fresh air, he certainly won’t be short of options with an extensive number of longing admirers.

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