Stop What You’re Doing; Shooter Mcgavin Is Back In New Movie!

New movie “The Squeeze” opens today and it brings something to golf cinema we haven’t seen before.

He’s back on our screens and we can’t tell whether to be excited, nervous or concerned by this new movie. Shooter Mcgavin, who prefers his stage name Christopher McDonald, piggybacks his reputation as golf’s cinematic pin-up boy to bring us this adaptation of a true story.

Ok, you got me, it may have been sold as a sequel to Happy Gilmore and it will soon be clear that Mcdonald’s character ‘riverboat’ might not have a great deal in common with Shooter. If you have a problem with that you can join us at 9 o’clock on the 9th green, and make sure to wear a tie.

Check out the trailer, it looks like we have a golf movie that’s more than just another comedy, the movie even has trick shots!