Horrifying Diagram Of Tiger Woods’ Decrepit Body (And Why He’s Probably Done)


Tiger Woods might be the greatest player that’s ever lived, but it’s come at a price. This diagram shows the catastrophic impact the sport has had on the former world number one’s body, and paints a fairly dismal prognosis for a return.

Tiger Diagram

Tiger Woods delivered a devastating blow to the golf world last week when he announced he’d undergone a second surgery in six weeks on his back.

Woods’ latest procedure took place in Park City, Utah, in order to relieve discomfort. The surgery was performed by Dr. Charles Rich, the neurosurgeon who has handled each of Woods’ microdiscectomy surgeries.

While Woods hasn’t ruled out playing in 2016, his latest mishap suggests any hope of returning to the PGA TOUR in 2016 is now unlikely.