Steve Williams realizes he wasn’t actually Tiger Woods’ slave after all

Sharon Wong

steve williams
Source: Action Images

Steve Williams used some pretty controversial language when describing his past with Tiger Woods in his memoir and it appears to have backfired on him. Many people have commented on his insensitivity and on the irony of a white man complaining about being the “slave” of a person of color. Steve Williams has belatedly caught on to his gaffe and is now explaining his questionable wording on his upbringing in New Zealand, where slaves aren’t really part of the cultural lexicon.

“In this part of the world where slavery has never existed, people use slave as a description of their service or work every day. We use the word loosely down under. After reviewing the book several times before it was published, it never crossed my mind to change the word. It merely was a description of how I felt about something and in no way in the context it was used does it suggest I was treated as a slave.”