Meteos Rekindles His Drive For NA LCS Competition With A Move To Phoenix1

The NA LCS’ ‘Superstar Jungler’ will return to the rift for the first time since the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. William “Meteos” Hartman will step on stage once more for Cloud9’s match against Phoenix1… though he won’t be wearing the blue and white of the league leaders. Meteos has been officially traded from C9 to P1, now an active member of the Phoenix’s starting roster.

Initially, Phoenix1’s announced that Meteos would be joining the roster as a stand-in for the team’s forthcoming fixtures, after starting Jungler Rami “Inori” Charagh announced that he would be returning home to take care of personal matters. Meteos was set to don the flaming jersey for P1’s Week 5 matches against Cloud9 and Team EnVyUs.

“Inori has returned to Vancouver to take care of a personal matter, and therefore cannot participate in this weekend’s matches.

“Fortunately, William ‘Meteos’ Hartman has graciously agreed to sub in for our team on extremely short notice. He even cleared his schedule to scrim with our team this week.

“A huge thank you to Meteos, and I hope everyone reading this cheers him on this weekend.”

Phoenix1 Official Announcement

Source: Riot Games Flickr

It has since been announced that Meteos’ transfer to Phoenix1 has been made permanent, with the NA LCS dark horses exchanging cash for the veteran, stating “that they purchased/acquired the contract from C9”. It was initially unclear if a loaned player could indeed play against their current roster, due to the obvious conflict of interests faced with P1’s tie against C9. But with a trade now cemented by Riot Games’ official database, Meteos’ ties to Cloud9 have been officially severed.

Meteos bowed out of the starting roster as a Cloud9 veteran, part of the team’s first LCS roster for the Summer 2013 split. Hartman established his status as the team’s ‘superstar jungler’, notching a remarkable 25-3 record in the regular season and winning the NA LCS Summer Playoffs before getting knocked out in the Quarterfinals of the World Championship. During the Summer Split, the rookie Meteos set an NA LCS record with a 12.7 KDA.

Returning to the scene in 2016 after a brief hiatus, Meteos secured his team a slot at Worlds once more with a series of consistent performances in the NA LCS. The World Championship itself was a difficult period for Meteos, who was outclassed in nearly every matchup, struggling to hold his own on some the tournament’s most powerful picks. His Lee Sin performance in the hour long matchup vs Flash Wolves became a running joke for the remainder of the tournament…

After relinquishing his C9 starting position to 17-year-old prospect Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia, it appeared that Meteos himself wanted to step away from professional play, considering his options streaming full time and retiring from the NA LCS:

“Basically, I just like don’t feel like playing anymore right now.

“I think the term retired is pretty weird because maybe ill play in the future, but right now, I’d just rather stream and stuff.”

William “Meteos” Hartman

True to his word, Meteos appears to have rekindled his motivation for professional play, joining P1 in their ascendency. Though the option remains for the Jungler to return to his C9 substitute post after three weeks of play, many within the community believe that the roster swap will be a long-term move.

Whether Meteos presents a stronger alternative to Inori is unlikely, but in the absence of the consistent performer, the former Cloud9 man can certainly maintain P1’s level of play. Though the move seems to be of benefit to both parties, the complications of a potential trade-back, if Phoenix1 begin to challenge C9’s spot at the top of the table with the original superstar rejuvenated in the Jungle, would certainly present Riot Games with an interesting predicament.

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