10 Moments Of Pure Ecstasy On The Golf Course

Sometimes golf has those magical moments that are extremely #satisfying.

These are the moments we live for.


1. Getting On The Course Without Making A Tee Time


It’s Saturday morning and you and your friend decide you’re hungover just the right amount to be able to make it to the course today. You get to the course and it’s surprisingly busy and you didn’t make a tee time. You guys decide you want to get on so you buy a round, even though the cashier said you’d have to wait 30 minutes to an hour. You go up to the starter and he says these magical words, “Someone cancelled, you two are on in two if you want it.” Hell yeah #satisfying.


2. Never Having To Wait


You make it on to the course and there’s someone at every tee. You have your hangover cure (beer) in one hand and the other is steering the cart. You’re driving up the fairway to your tee shot and see that the group in front of you is walking off the green. Just in time for your approach shot. You get to the green and see they’re all done teeing off. Just in time to sink the putt. You get up to the next tee and you’re all set to go. On a busy day this rarely happens but when it does, it is oh so #satisfying.


3. Finding Your Ball Went Farther Than You Thought


You hit a solid ball off the tee, but it didn’t look like anything special. As you’re driving towards the point you picked out where you thought your ball landed, you’re thinking about how refreshing your beer is tasting.

You park your cart and you and your buddy get out, looking for your ball. You could have sworn it was lined up with that tree on the right side of the fairway. As you’re moving further away from the green your friend calls you over. He found your ball and it’s way closer than you thought. SWEET. You flex your guns and hit your next shot #satisfying.


4. Your Second Shot Isn’t A Flub


After bombing the ball off the tee, you are perfectly set up to make it to the green in two. You are in the fairway, you know exactly which club you’re going to use, and your practice swings felt amazing. You hit the ball, making great contact, and as you look up you see it flying in the air towards the green. It makes it on. You’re in shock because that never happens #satisfying.


5. Sinking A 30 Footer


Sure you made it on the green, but you’re pretty far away from the hole. Your putting game is pretty strong but you’re not sure if you can make this downhill 30ft putt. You line up, say a little prayer, and hit the ball. It follows the break perfectly and you watch it lips the side and toilet bowls into the hole #satisfying.


6. You Miss Every Hazard On The Course


Those dreaded sand traps. The horrifying water hazards. Going out of bounds. Numerous rocks, tall grass, trees, and more. Hazards are all around you and you’ve missed all of them some how. Dodging a bunker feels like dodging a bullet #satisfying.


7. When You Make It Through Branches


So you’ve missed every hazard, that doesn’t mean you’re not in the rough surrounded by trees. You didn’t hit it but you’re damn close. Do you punch out or do you go for the green? GO FOR IT. You hit your full 7 iron out of the rough and it’s heading straight for some branches on a tree you didn’t think to look out for. It hits right through them and drops right where you wanted it to #satisfying.


8. Getting A Good Bounce On A Bad Shot


Your next shot is to chip it on to the green. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Your short game is not that great and you can never get the ball in the air. You’re setting up and your practice swings are feeling ok but you’re unsure of yourself. You step up to the ball and take a whack at it. It hits the toe of your club and you’re horrified as it’s heading straight for the green side bunker. It’s rolling and rolling, and somehow it hits the rake to the side of the bunker and bounces onto the green. Amazingly #satisfying.


9. Hitting The Pin


Hearing the clink of hitting the pin is gold to any golfer. No matter where the ball goes after, unless it’s into a hazard, you’re happy. Your shot was so spot on that it actually hit the pin, which is where the hole is, which is the end goal on any hole. Have some golfer pride in yourself, you just had awesome aim and distance #satisfying.


10. Getting A Hole In One


Although it doesn’t happen often, if at all, it is the ultimate moment in golf. #satisfying.

Isn’t it just wonderful when everything goes right for you on the course?

For the love of golf! What a #satisfying round.