10 of Pro Golf’s Most Bizarre Head Covers

Sharon Wong

Those who aren’t in the know often claim golfers lack personality. However, even those firmly in this camp could not fail to notice the head covers peering at them off the tops of the players’ golf bags. These striking accoutrements, many of which really do have eyes, do all the talking for their owners in a game that regards gentlemanliness and subtlety as cardinal rules. I mean, what could possibly be a better ambassador for you than Yoda himself or your very own louder, prouder Mini-Me?

10. Tiger Woods’ Tiger

tiger woods
Source: bunkerparadise.com

9. Graeme McDowell’s Dragon

graeme mcdowell
Source: headcoversonline.com

8. Ricky Fowler’s Cap

ricky fowler
Source: Getty Images

7. Lydia Ko’s Minion

lydia ko
Source: Twitter

6. Se-Ri Park’s Grumpy

se-ri park
Source: John Mummert/USGA

5. Louis Oosthuizen’s Shrek

louis oosthuizen
Source: Getty Images

4. Daniel Chopra’s Yoda

The Force is strong with the owner of this bag. Anyone know whose it is?

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3. Ian Poulter’s head

ian poulter
Source: reddit

2. Ryo Ishikawa’s Mini-me

Ryo Ishikawa
Source: doin-work.com

  1. Bubba Watson’s Mini-me

bubba watson
Source: golfweek.com