Drunk Fan Gives Reason For Gatecrashing US Open Speech…

The guy who made headlines for gatecrashing Webb Simpson’s 2012 US Open victory speech had a reason for his rowdy behaviour.

It will be difficult to forget the aftermath of the 112th US Open. Webb Simpson saw off Graeme McDowell and Michael Thompson to take his first major victory. However, this gutsy performance was soon overshadowed by a drunk fan who interrupted the speeches at the Olympic Club in San Francisco.

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Englishman, Andrew James Dudley, age 40, was arrested by police but held without charge as officials admitted he hadn’t actually done anything illegal. Police confirmed they did hold a man in custody and suspected he was drunk but released him after a few hours. Watching the video leaves you feeling very conflicted. On the one hand, it’s undeniably hilarious to watch those at the top of golf’s officious hierarchy crease with embarrassment, on the other, this fan has selfishly tainted a day that was supposed to be about Webb Simpson.

Emulating Kanye is not a sure fire way to popularity, especially when you stagger into the limelight for your 15 minutes of fame.

Awful announcing first linked the offender to a string of other publicity stunts, reporting that he referred to himself as “Jungle Bird” and described him as an  “activist dedicated to raising awareness of deforestation.”  

That sounds like the sort of elaborate and spontaneous excuse you might give a police officer if they catch you urinating in public. “Sorry officer, i’m definitely not drunk. I just couldn’t walk past this tiny street fire and do nothing”, you might slur. I guess it’s down to the individual whether or not you can look past Jungle Bird’s lack of respect for Webb Simpson and find this whole thing to be hilarious. Deforestation or not, this fan was more than a few tins deep when he took this decision 3 years ago.