The Perfect Holiday Wish List For Any Golfer

This holiday season is quickly approaching and you need to start figuring out what to get that special golfer in your life. If you are the golfer, than these are the gifts you should be asking for!

The Classic Sock


I mean who doesn’t love getting socks as a gift. Especially when they’re as dope as these! Everyone needs a few extra pairs and adding a touch of personalization can make any golfers day.


Anything Monogrammed


Golfers are very particular people, who love their clubs and their bag. When you give them something to cover their “baby”, it better be something they’ll enjoy looking at. Monograms add a type of signature to a golfers bag or club, letting everyone know it’s theirs. So whether it’s a head cover or a towel, pick some good colors, add a cute design, and boom! You’ve got another great gift.


Automatic Putting System

What better gift to get a golfer during the cold season, than to get something that will help their game when they can’t get to a course. There are so many different types of automatic putter devices, so it’s up to you to decide which would be best. Some come with a long matt to putt down, others like this Callaway set come with golf balls and just the bit to aim at. Make sure it’s the type that will shoot the ball back to you because no one has time for that business. Laziness at its best.


Snapback Central


Snapbacks are huge right now. Boys, girls, babies.. everyone is wearing one. Join the trend and get matching hats for you and a buddy for the holidays, or just get one for yourself. I’m ordering mine right now.


Book A Trip

Mauna Kea golf course in Hawaii

Why not give the gift of something to look forward to! Book a vacation with that special someone and acknowledge the fact that you will go golfing on this trip. Just the thought of golfing in an exotic/warm place will make any golfers December so much better.


Spikeless Golf Shoes


So many golf brands are coming out with awesome spikeless golf shoes. Casual footwear that can be worn on and off the golf course. Shoes are always a win win, especially for golfers!


Rory McIlroy PGA Tour


For that gamer in your life. Something to do during the off season, indoors, while still being reminded of the game they actually want to be playing, golf. This PGA Tour is much more advanced than past versions. Now you can go into different fairways off the tee, like when you’re actually playing. Cool stuff and definitely a good addition to the gift list.


Potty Putter Golf


Because why not? You’ll get a laugh for sure, and hey, they might even use it!

Happy shopping golfers!