The NA LCS Owes A Debt Of Gratitude To The Birthing Grounds Of Team Liquid

For as long as there has been the NA LCS, there has been an iteration of the Team Liquid organization competing in the league. Originally branded as Team Curse, Team Liquid have established an expansive global fanbase and a birthing ground for League of Legends eSports professionals.

It appears that it’s always been an ethic of Team Liquid’s to grow and develop their own players. However, aside from the infrequent occasions that current Top laner Sam “Lourlo” Jackson steps up to the plate, TL have failed to produce any top-tier talent that has stayed with the organization. After losing Jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and signing veteran Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin, it appears that Team Liquid are in the process of ditching their age old ethic of home grown talent as the way to win.

The influence of Team Liquid can be seen in every team competing in the NA LCS: every team in the North American LCS currently has a player on their roster that, at one point in their career, has played under the Team Liquid banner.


Here are the current crop of NA LCS professionals who were once Team Liquid players:

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