Lacrosse team uses trick play to perfection

In terms of underrated sports in the United States, lacrosse ranks right up near the top of the list. For those who are currently involved or have been previously involved with the sport, they know that the excitement level during a lacrosse game can measure up to the level in a more popular sport such as hockey or soccer.

What happened recently during a game between the men’s lacrosse teams of Johns Hopkins University and the United States Naval Academy is all the proof needed to show those who have any doubts about the sport’s entertainment value.

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The matchup between the two schools was the first game for each in the 2017 season. Coming into the showdown, Johns Hopkins was ranked as the ninth best men’s team in NCAA Division I lacrosse and Navy was ranked as the 11th best.

As the end of the third quarter was coming to a close, the game was tied at seven points apiece and Johns Hopkins was on the attack in an effort to score a go-ahead goal.

It was then that Johns Hopkins junior midfielder Joel Tinney faked a pass to his teammate in senior midfielder John Crawley. Acting like he had the ball in his possession, Crawley proceeded to draw the Navy defenders away from Tinney.

Tinney made the Navy defense look like a bunch of fools (Photo Source: Twitter)
Tinney made the Navy defense look like a bunch of fools. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Even the Navy goaltender started to focus his attention on Crawley, which in turn left a wide open net for Tinney to shoot on. The midfielder nailed the shot and put Johns Hopkins ahead on the scoreboard 8-7.

Johns Hopkins went on to defeat Navy that night by a score of 15-8 for their first win of the season. Tinney finished with three goals, two assists, and one highlight that will likely be shown over and over again for the rest of his lifetime.

This is not the first time that Johns Hopkins has pulled off this trick either. During their first round game in the 2015 NCAA Championship against the University of Virginia, the team made the Virginia goalie look like a complete fool as he had no idea where the ball was until it was too late and a goal was scored.

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It seems to be a common goal scoring tactic, as it was also used during this Major League Lacrosse game between the Philadelphia Barrage and the Boston Cannons.

This trick seems to work really well, so expect it to continue being used until a team figures out how to stop it (or where the ball is).

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