She Wears Spandex Leggings On The Golf Course And People Are Furious

An article has raised the issue of women’s attire on the golf course and it makes for some painful reading.

The article in Golf Digest begins with a classic problem statement: “Welcome to “Today in questionable golf attire,” where we take a look at questionable golf attire and deliver a verdict. Today’s conundrum: spandex leggings.” Here are the deeply offensive leggings…

@hmgriff11 in the zone at the range. #girlsthatgolf

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Sweet, we’re going to see a golfing purist judge the young female demographic, this will be priceless. Is it really necessary to call out women, predominantly aged 18-34, for wearing leggings on the golf course? Three times as many men play golf as women and there is little doubt that the game’s obsession with traditionalism is partly to blame. I for one couldn’t give a ha’penny jizz about what people wear on the course. Look at Paige Spiranac (so hot right now), she almost has 500,000 followers on Instagram and treats golf as an extension of her vivacious personality. Does that mean she sometimes wears leggings? You’re damn right!

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Articles like this remind the world that golf can be like that irritating drunk guy at the edge of the bar – Stubborn, annoying and equipped with an underserved sense of self-worth.

“OK, so what’s the problem? Kidding. Sort of.” Writes the author, the condescension dripping from his keyboard. “Part of us wants to say go for it,” he adds reaching across the desk for a high five from one of the ‘boys’.

“But these are a bit too tight to wear on the golf course unless you’re driving a beverage cart and looking for tips,” he backtracks.

The author even bothered to research the manufacturer of these disgraceful leggings. “They’re workout clothes. Good for the gym or the box (CrossFit lingo!), but not the course. To be fair to the young lady in the first photo, though, it appears she’s wearing this outfit to the driving range. We’ll allow that.”

Great! so what on earth was the point in the f***ing article? It might be slightly satirical but there is certainly a subtext that frankly needs to do one.