Michael Jordan Attends Tiger Woods’ New Golf Course Opening

The first golf course designed by Tiger Woods, Bluejack National, was opened to accommodate 100 members earlier this month, for a limited 7 hole round. Michael Jordan and George W. Bush were among some of the members who attended the preview. Reviews of the course say that it has a casual and welcoming atmosphere, where you won’t have to worry about losing too many golf balls or dressing up. A place where Jordan can freely wear his cargo shorts and not worry about getting kicked off of the course (that actually happened, which is pretty embarrassing).


The club will include anything from fine dining, to playgrounds for the kids, to tree houses for guests to stay overnight in. It seems as though this course will offer anything and everything to put golf back on the map as a fun and exciting game. The course is located 45 minutes from downtown Houston and is expected to officially open in early 2016. *golf clap*