Without Question The Biggest Nerd In Professional Golf

Meet Bryson DeChambeau, possibly the biggest nerd in professional golf.

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The 22-year-old American certainly doesn’t look like your archetypal nerd but some of the stuff he gets up to on the course would make the mathematics olympiad champions snigger.

The rookie has developed his own set of golf clubs using “length to mass exchange”. What does that entail? It basically means he’s made every single iron in his bag exactly the same length as a 7-iron. “Its Newtonian mechanics,” said the NCAA championship and US Amateur title holder. Well duh!

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“Before I won those two titles they thought I was a lunatic,” he added, reflecting on being one of only five players to achieve the double – Tiger, Nicklaus and Mickelson did it before him by the way. The Californian takes his inspiration from some pretty big hitters, “Everyone thought Einstein was a lunatic until he was proved correct.”

Woo woo hold your horses there sunny jim, i’m not entirely sure shaving an inch off your 3-iron equates to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, but I guess you’re young and confident so proceed…

What’s that? You spin every golf ball you play with in Epsom salts to assess its spin pattern and then put lead tape on them to see which spins perfectly? “Sure do!”

Thats pretty nutty mate!

“My peers have embraced it a bit now though they do say ‘he’s a nutjob who loves playing golf.”  Bryson Dechambeau is a bit of a nerd and why should he give a f*** when he does all the talking with his personalised clubs. Here he is slam dunking an eagle at the Australian open today, sure he’s slightly odd but he can definitely play.

Slam. Dunk. Eagle at the par-4 8th ignited Bryson DeChambeau’s (-2) opening-round at the #AustralianMasters.

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